The TMMi Foundation is a non-profit organization, which supports organizations around the world to improve their software and system testing and achieve higher and sustainable levels of product quality for the systems they are developing and maintaining. With TMMi, these organizations can assess and improve their test processes in a cost effectively manner and, if required,  become formally certified.

The TMMi framework has been developed  as a guideline and reference framework for test process improvement and is positioned as a complementary model to CMMI, addressing those issues important to test managers, test engineers and software quality professionals. Testing as defined in the TMMi is applied in its broadest sense to encompass all software product quality-related activities.

 TMMi also uses the concept of maturity levels for process evaluation and improvement. Furthermore process areas, goals and practices are identified. Applying the TMMi maturity criteria will improve the test process and have a positive impact on product quality, test engineering productivity, and cycle-time effort. TMMi has been developed to support organizations with evaluating and improving their test process.

In recent years TMMi has become the de-facto standard for test process improvement being successfully used in many industries.


Certification Structure

 Test Maturity Model Integration Professional