How to register?

Step 1

Choose the exam and click „Buy” to view the purchase form. Complete the fields and select a payment method. Attach the necessary documents if required. You will be redirected to your bank website where you can finalize your payment.

Please make sure to book the exam at least 5 working days before the chosen exam date.

Step 2

You will receive an email with order confirmation, a link to the invoice and the guide to remote exams: "@Remote Exams - Instruction and Rules"

Step 3

4 working days before the exam you will receive an email with technical instructions for checking your system and setting it up for the exam. You'll be asked to to download and install a required Google Chrome extension and a proctor application on your smart device.

Please make sure to complete the system check at least 48 hours before the exam.

Step 4

After completing the system check, you will receive the invitation to your exam.


Changing the exam date

Plan your exam date carefully. Changing the date of the exam is possible minimum 7 days prior to your exam.

Required devices

All you need to take an exam is a desktop/laptop with a microphone and a camera, a smartphone/tablet with a camera, and a stable Internet connection.


You can take an exam at home or office, or any place that is convenient to you. The room, however, needs to be well lit and quiet, and you need to be alone during the whole exam.


You need to have basic knowledge of English to understand the interface of the system and to communicate with a proctor.

Immediate results

The result of the exam will be displayed automatically after the exam has been finished.

Order confirmation

We send order confirmations within 1 hour from your booking. If you didn't receive any message, contact us at Make sure that you check your spam folder as well.

Exam rules

Things you can and cannot do during the exam session

During the exam you cannot:

  • make any notes and use educational aids,
  • leave your room,
  • take toilet breaks,
  • talk,
  • have third persons in the room with you,
  • use headphones or earphones.

During the exam it is allowed:

  • use a whiteboard or a chalkboard for notes,
  • contact a proctorin case of any technical problems.

What is needed?

Laptop / Desktop
1 MB Internet connection
Mobile phone (iOS or Android)