Terms and Conditions

By purchasing an Exam via itexam.eu, You agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

I Definitions

Candidate – a natural person who wishes to take or has taken an examination, hereinafter referred to as “Candidate”;

21CN, hereinafter referred to as “21CN” – 21CN Radosław Smilgin, a company with the principal place of business in Poland, 80-680 Gdańsk, 124 A Nadwiślańska St., VAT PL5832769297, REGON 241132628, that acts as an intermediary in the sale and purchase or online remote exam via itexam.eu;

Exam – a service of remote, proctored exam sessions, hereinafter referred to as “Service”, “Exam” or “Product”;

itexam.eu – an exam distribution platform, hereinafter referred to as “itexam.eu”, “ITexam” or “Platform”; available at the http://itexam.eu/ website; owned by 21CN;

Exam provider, hereinafter referred to as “Provider” – 21CN partners; the third party companies which provide examination sheets, proctoring systems and rules for individual exams;

Proctoring system, hereinafter referred to as “Proctoring system” - a service consisting of a monitoring software that is used to supervise the course of an exam session; individual to different exam Providers.

II Order fulfillment and payment terms

Texam provides paid Services and reserves the right to change the prices of paid services included in the offer, to introduce new services for sale, with the proviso that these changes do not violate the rights of people who purchased services offered by ITexam before making the above-mentioned changes.

The purchase prices of the Services is provided on the http://itexam.eu/ website. The price for which the Candidate purchases the Service is confirmed in the return order confirmation. The Candidate can pay for the Services via online payment, carried out by PayPal payment systems. The non-availability of the above-mentioned payment methods shall not constitute grounds for any complaint.

Payment for the order via online payment is considered made at the time of acceptance of the transaction in the external operator's system and the payment of the amount by the ITexam.

III Rules for taking the exam

1. Registration for Examinations

A Candidate has the option to purchase participation in the Exam.

Candidates apply for the Exam by completing the order on the http://itexam.eu/ website. The order must contain:

  • Date and time of the exam,
  • Exam language,
  • Candidate time zone,
  • Candidate name and email,
  • Invoice data,
  • Contact details,
  • Scans of other documents, e.g. other forms, previous certificates, etc. - if required.
2. Entry requirements

Some Exams have entry requirements which the Candidate must have met. The entry requirements are defined in the exam description on the http://itexam.eu/ website.

3. Examination rules

Each Candidate must read the Exam rules included in the instructions. The instructions will be attached in the order confirmation email.

The instructions contains technical information on how to check the system, how to install required plugins, how to prepare environment before the exam and general rules, that must be observed during the Exam. In case of breaking these rules the Exam will be aborted and a Candidate will not be refunded.

The instructions may be different, depending on individual Providers.

4. Before the Exam

A Candidate is required to prepare the appropriate equipment (the conditions are specified in the instructions) and make sure that the Internet connection is stable and not interrupted.

A Candidate is required to complete the system check at least 48 hours before the Exam. If this is not done on time and the system is not functioning, athe Candidate will not be able to postpone the Exam, the Exam access will expire and the fee will not be refunded.

A Candidate is supposed to conduct the system check with the exact same technical environment as during the Exam (the same room, the same Internet connection, the same devices).

Exclusively for the ISTQB Exams, a Candidate is allowed to use a whiteboard / chalkboard to make notes during an Exam session. If a Candidate is intending to use a whiteboard / chalkboard, it is required to prepare it before an Exam session.

A Candidate must prove his/her identity prior to an Exam session, by means of a valid ID, passport or drive license, recognized by law and carrying a recent photo.

During the exam it is forbidden to:

  • make any paper notes and use educational aids,
  • leave the room,
  • take toilet breaks,
  • talk,
  • have third persons in the room,
  • use headphones or earphones,

If some mobile devices are required to use during an Exam session, they must be placed 3 meters away from a laptop or a desktop. All required devices must be fully charged. It is forbidden to use a laptop or a desktop for charging mobile devices.

During the exam it is allowed to:

  • use a whiteboard or a chalkboard for notes (only during an ISTQB Exam session),
  • contact a proctor in case of any technical problems.

If a Candidate does not follow these rules, the proctor is obligated to stop the Exam session, and the fee will not be refunded.

5. Changing the exam date

Changing the date of an Exam session is possible minimum 7 days prior to the Exam session, otherwise access to the Exam will expire. The fee will not be refunded.

A Candidate may withdraw from an Exam session less than 7 days prior to its date, only on account of serious personal or medical reasons. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be provided.

Full or partial refund will be considered, and the decision will be communicated to a Candidate by email.

IV Complaints

Complaints are considered by the ITexam Customer Service Office within 7 days from the date of submitting the complaint.

A correctly submitted complaint should contain at least the following data: designation of a Candidate (name, surname, address, e-mail address), the subject of a complaint, circumstances justifying a complaint. The Customer Service Office will notify a Candidate of considering the complaint by sending a message to the e-mail address provided in the complaint.

Complaints can be submitted to ITexam by email: contact@itexam.eu.

Complaints are not required to be dealt with and the payment is not refunded in the following situations:

  • Changing the Exam date less than 7 days prior the Exam session;
  • Interruption of the Exam session, caused by a Candidate not following the Terms and Conditions;
  • Interruption of the Exam session for reasons beyond the control of ITexam and a Candidate;
  • Interruption of the Exam session due to an error in the Proctoring system;
  • Interruption of the Exam session due to the use of inappropriate equipment and bad Internet connection. By inappropriate equipment and bad Internet connection is meant that a Candidate did not apply the guidelines indicated in the instructions, did not make sure of the quality of the equipment and Internet connection or, at his own risk, a Candidate used inappropriate equipment and bad Internet connection during the Exam session.

V Confidentiality

Each Exam is confidential. It cannot be copied, printed, saved, recorded, or reproduced in any manner, at any time. The Exam questions and answers cannot be disclosed or disseminated to anyone before, during, or after the exam.

VI Conclusion and termination of the Contract

The Contract is concluded with the purchase of the Service, which means acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

Termination of the Contract is considered to be a Candidate's refusal to consent to the processing of personal data.

ITexam has the right to terminate the Contract for the provision of services without notice and to cease providing the Service without the obligation to refund the fee in the following cases:

  • Candidate's breach of essential provisions of the Terms and Conditions,
  • posting by a Candidate of content inconsistent with applicable law,
  • using the Platform and/or the Service by a Candidate contrary to its intended purpose.

ITexam reserves the right to refuse to provide Services to a Candidate in case of a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

VII Website content and copyrights

The content of ITexam is the property of 21CN. Any distribution or copying of all or individual elements of ITexam is not allowed and may result in legal liability.

The copyright for the individual documents provided, if not owned by 21CN, is described in the documents.

Third party documents are provided without modification and itexam.eu recognizes the authors right to dispose of them freely.

VIII Liabilty disclaimer

ITexam does not own the copyright to the Exam questions, and is not responsible for the quality, content or possible mistakes in the Exam sheets.

ITexam is not a creator of the proctoring system, and therefore does not provide any guarantee for that proctoring system will always be available, uninterrupted, complete, accurate, reliable, timely, safe, secure or error-free, or that it will always function without disruptions, delays or imperfections, or is free of all defects, errors, viruses or bugs.

ITexam is not liable for non-performance or improper performance of the obligation for reasons attributable to third parties or due to force majeure.

ITexam is not financially responsible for cancelling a given Exam or interrupting the operation of the Exam system, due to fault of third parties.


These Terms and Conditions come into force on 6 October 2020. ITexam has the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions come into force upon posting the amended Terms and Conditions on the http://itexam.eu/ website. The Contract for the provision of Services is governed by the Polish law. Any disputes related to or resulting from the legal relationship between 21CN and a Candidate will be settled by the court competent for 21CN. In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Act on the provision of electronic services, the Act on the protection of personal data, the Civil Code and other mandatory provisions of the Polish law shall apply.