iSAQB Software Architecture – Foundation Level


Candidates interested in taking the exam should have the following prior knowledge and/or experience: 

  • More than 18 months of practical experience with software development, gained through programming a variety of projects or systems outside of formal education, 
  • Knowledge of and practical experience with at least one higher programming language, especially:
  1. Concepts of passing parameters (call-by-value, call-by-reference), 
  2. Basics of type systems (static vs. dynamic typing, parameterized and generic data types), 
  3. Concepts of modularization (packages, namespaces, etc.), 
  4. Basics of modelling and abstraction, 
  5. Basics of algorithms and data structures,
  6. Basics of UML (class, package, component and sequence diagrams) and their relation to source code, 
  7. Practical experience with technical documentation, especially documenting source code, system design or technical concepts.


There are no formal preconditions to take the Foundation Level exam.

The exam covers the following issues:

  1. Basic concepts of software architectures
  2. Design and development of software architectures
  3. Specification and communication of software architectures
  4. Software architectures and quality
  5. Tools for software architects
  6. Examples of software architectures
  7. Sources and References related to Software Architecture

online exam price
307.5 gross
75 min.*
Pass mark grade:
Other languages:
*75 min. for natives, 90 min. for non-natives.


  • You will be able to demonstrate that you are capable of creating and documenting a system’s architecture independently
  • You will be familiar with required tools
  • You will understand the main steps necessary for developing software architectures as well as implementing these independently in small and medium-sized systems
  • You will be able to assuring and assessing its quality
  • You will know how to documenting and communicating software architectures on the basis of views, architecture patterns and technical concepts


To take exam you will need:

Desktop or laptop with a webcam and microphone

It is allowed to use Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS X and higher, ChromeOS and most Linux distributions (64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linux 24+).

Google Chrome browser

The Google Chrome extension is required to share your screen. Please remember that it is not compatible with mobile devices. Please make sure that you have the administrator rights in order to add the extension to your browser.

Tablet or smartphone with a camera

You might be required to use the camera of your smartphone or tablet. You will need to download an app (34MB) which is compatible with any Android 4.1 or higher and iOS (Apple) 8.0 or higher.

Stable internet connection

In order to run the exam without any problems, you need to have a steady internet connection (Wi-Fi will be required for mobile streaming) with a minimum upload speed of 1MB/sec.

Photo ID

You will need to identify yourself before starting the exam. You can use your ID card, driver’s license, student card or passport.

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